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Sitting at this dock
10:11 p.m. 2004-09-27

"in savoring sleep what do u mean i toss and turn everywhere...."
Wake me up because its been too long and too full of dreaming to release full forth tirades into a parade of sorrows and smiles mixed with the tedium of a daily chore that ends with her on the porch in the moonlingering light. Serenity brings the consequence of a quiet night rife with regrets and light with the tyrannical output of a broken heart mended through tender words and this music that pierces our souls. In our mastery of silence we are granted eloquence and a life that was left behind is a life that's waiting for an ending and this haunt is hiding beneath the stairs. Our enemies are ironic in their stares of glorious triumverates that destabilize this table and topple these pictures to facefirst castarophes that are picturesque and semblances of a life we lived before we were young. And in this funeral youth is buried beneath the earth and rebirth is a tragedy that was never meant to happen. This bullet was meant for you... and for me and in this circular polaroid thats developing before our eyes these hearts and stars take clear shape dancing around your eyes. Our illusion is a reality when born through quiet manifestations of intellectual conversations conducted in the back seat of this pickup. And in the closing sunset the curtain falls and leaves the two of us in the mess of this cloudy sky. Your hair was beautiful and your eyes were warm as you delved so deep. And in the reflections of these car windows i am someone i wanted to be but the mirrors sing otherwise in the quiets of abandoned washrooms where we break down in our forced solitude and isolation was never a cure.
Behind your eyes there is a world that i'm waiting to discover and every word is a hint of whats to come
WIll you let me in or will i be waiting outside your window hoping for a light to burn and a candle to welcome this eventuality. Beneath this tremendous rollout pitch of blue we are specks of sky and dust and the lights in your big brown eyes spoke of forever and i'm on the outside
waiting to discover

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