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Al the Killer
12:32 a.m. 2004-09-25

These pictures of reprehensive humanity are striking in their bold depravity and the delirium that touches your eyes is a tough hit to take and time and time again we are all falling through. Can you say you know me when you sob this terror through the phone and steel links that coerce the fear from your voice as i swallow and make happenstance an improbable contradiction. In rapture we are broken vessels sailing through murky waters determining the scent of this dreamlike stasis on the long ride home. In the frame of this picture hanging in the corridor these cheap echoes of vibrant horror come sailing through in a trace of euphoric memory that sent shivers down your spine as you watched the blood dry on the walls. Abhorent shapes are cliched reminders of the conscience that you murdered with the hands of a lover that stretched across her neck in graceful depravity. Departure. Man these stations like lost souls and these watchtowers are crumbling shades of a time of glory and triumph when you were king of it all and the queen of your heart was a girl with brown eyes. Quickshot this life is a footnote and another death is a body stacked in the back corners of your mind as the corpse is rearranged in harmonic symphonies of a sinister ring. Will you answer in apprehension or are you waiting for the click and the reassurance of a dead line? In failure we are a timebomb and in rejection the roots are growing. Patchwork disaster these fiery flowers are visibile from on high as we tear apart these bodies in a frenzy of enraptured souls and emotional tyranny. Can you understand the depth of this betrayal? He wants you to comprehend this as you lay dying on the floor in the depths of space it all seems so cold and the screams are hollow. Insanity lurks behind these steel decks and the comlink is losing pitch. Depth charge and inverted logic are burning patches away from her skin. You were reborn and reborn a monster and your inhumanity is a purifying force that will leave the dead enlightened as you destroy us all

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