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Little girls pointing and laughing
10:06 p.m. 2004-09-21

Dear god what is she running from (echoing voices that call your name in verse and beauty) can i just have someplace safe somewhere deep inside your heart where i will always be welcome and always be warm. Can you give that to me? This warm water will do nothing to purge the memories of you that are wounding. Perfect symmetry is a configuration of lines and these buildings looming from the guts of this city are the remanants of our hearts projected in fiberglass and weathered steel. Who will be there to pick me up after i've burned away all semblance of falicy and arrogance? I am these trees bent in the wind and the wind cries for me because blood is becoming my substitue (the tears won't come) you mistake this for a defense mechanism when its nothing more than helplessness and impotence. Bury all of me because i hate who i am and who i used to be and where is the contentment that they promised me?

"Please just give me back my heart it has been so long and i will burn no more"

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