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My dearest
11:16 p.m. 2004-09-19

Its a transendent hint of blue glaring behind these fragmented shade. Ritualistic contrition is a feigned excuse for a orgy of suicidal rites. Your presense used to lend an air of sophistication to this cliff but you jumped off and left me all alone. Don't say you'll be there for me, don't pretend you're coming back. This rhetoric is an excuse and your beliefs were false at best deception at worst. Lie to me one more time and i swear it will never be the same.

I am the boy caught in the headlights. Catch a glimpse of me from your window clothed in leather and dispair. A shadowed trace of the smile i used to be. Can you hear me screaming through that glass? Mirrored in the windows of parked cars and the dirty light from torches i am something inhuman and beautiful in my wrecked state of perpetual ignorance. ANd this cigarette is my life, ready to tumble from my hand at any moment. I'm just a second away from throwing myself in front of the next person to pass by. ANd don't stand outside your door and stare at me. (i just wanted to disappear) and you know where to find me every night from here on out

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