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13 ways
9:50 p.m. 2004-09-16

These machines are crushing and life is an unexpected car crash at the intersection between red lights and stop signs that project meaningless stimulation to minds that are warped by desensitivity. In shattered steel cages this takes on an air of beautiful chaos as you watch me hover and plummet headlong into a midnight watchtower. However you phrase it these words still mean the same thing and wishing you could take it back is so repetitive and so utterly useless. Waste you time on me and spill this cold water over my eyelids in an attempt to drown out this static. Punch holes through this backdrop and illuminate this stage with counterfeit and bloody sunsets. I am the boy caught in the headlights and in my intuition i am drawn inwards into a spiral of streetlights and lit windows. Behind your glass screen you are somewhere far away and far behind the echoes of families laughing is a mockery of this life i live. Through this drop we are manifest destiny and manifestations of projected images embodying the life i used to live just a year ago. Watch my reversion in interest, take notes and see the way this boy breaks so silently and so fucking perfectly. It wasn't her fault and don't take the blame for these silent conversions, blood for tears, and my eyes will stay ever dry. I just want someone to hear me out and understand. I just want someone to...

Satelites orbit this refuge and our sonar is carrying the payload. This dynamite trap is strapped to our chests and we're willing to die for our cause. after all we don't have anything left to live for except a dying faith and the breeding ground of belief that is tied to this false literature. Your truth can never be written down and a basic system is an inevitability in its deceit. We are victims of the reigns of religion and our mislaid devotion is the prayer of the pastor on the pulpit as another diety steals our souls

All for money all for love all for the way it feels to bleed

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