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intangible evidence of an existing truth
11:46 p.m. 2004-09-11

This cuts so deep in reality we are scarred by our pasts and the present is the knife we tenderly call lover. Shed these clothes like layers of dust and the photograph is reborn in a revitilzation of color and photography is given meaning. In our nakedness we are children ghosting through memories that represent beauty but these scales are tipped and the hourglass has been shattered by half measures and half lies. Our idols are creations of ash and light in the shadows we are leering up at God. When we promise ourselves to recreate our own image we are spelling out an intermitent replica of a wall crumbled through deceit and half-finished poems. There is truth here, and the girl waiting to take control into her heart like the sun as the blind deny its existence. Let me spell it out for you. These words were meant for nothing, these words were mere beauty. These sentences were meant to represent my soul and these sentences were created from the mind that she struggles to understand. In my conciousness i am ignorant and through my ignorance i kill millions. In the shape of a wraith our deity is a shambles of echoing music and reverberations that tremble our teeth. The events that shaped this perception are not as important as the perception of a world in black and white with the flash of a bulb and a shower of glass. i could take back every word but its too late to pretend we never said anything at all and you can feel it growing. Understanding is an inevitability when the mind is open to comprehension and in your analyization all meaning is elusive and shimmershook. take these words as they are written and you will understand. No more deconscription and no more playing god. No more lies.

This was written for you in the silent moments after the betrayal that was yours and mine. in the flare of a satellite everything seems clear and in the silouhette of a parade i was laid bare

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