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Dearest Veronica
9:53 p.m. 2004-09-06

Dear Veronica... it wasn't the way we felt that tore us apart, or the way you smiled at them when they looked to you for a reason. We were not victims of circumstance and past failures hold no proof of significance in this falling out that means the end of and for the both of us. There's no point in blaming tomorrow for today's suicide and there's no hope here to compensate for these ashen tears running across my hair in a celestial river flowing from beautiful eyes. There is no time to waste on the life we've been trying to hold together when a silence and scream can mean the end of it all. In these letters to you i would tell the truth for once and the morning after there will be a fire where honesty rested on the bed next to me. In waking i come to the realization that this haze was not the bottle, this haze was you and you've been wasting me for far too long to forgive and forget the leash tied to my neck and the burnmark scars tracing stars on my legs. It wasn't you and it wasn't me, there is no way to explain the look in her eyes that turned all this to a tired majesty crumbling between these fragile fingers. WOuld you read these notes if i wrote them on your wall, or if there was a greeting from me in the mailbox come sunday morning. Would you read these words and the soul buried in perfection and dyed ink black or would you erase the memory and pretend this never happened. I would like to thank you for showing me the truth about love and its a tired lie in comparison to the way this sky can make me feel... Dear Veronica I'll miss you in the mornings when i wake up and when i go to bed i'll be whispering your name to my dreams so maybe i can remember. But most of all

I'll miss you.

So sweetheart you broke my glass shell and its a trembling dissapointment to everyone to see that i'm the same when you lay me naked and innocent beyond this empathy and the shade of gray in an etheral sunset.

Dear Catherine i love you

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