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In a morning sunrise
6:17 p.m. 2004-08-26

In verbal essenses of you i am awash in the mindslip of a throughfare that threatens to erase them all in the whisper of a single word. Who are all of you that cut into my everything with precision and such quiet grace. Like the curves of her body i'd fight this fire forever for you and burn this letter one last time before you repeat the words over and over again. Fall out fall apart this is the song for a break up that never happened. I thought we had some reason to see three times in extacy and wrap these words around me and hide in this sheltering bliss that bleeds. Put it down and put it away and could you see me on that parkway just yesterday? Bury the thoughts of who i used to be and open your eyes to the evolution of a scared boy in leather and tear stain perfection. Its never what we expect and in lue of such lyrical perfection interludes drain all the color out of life. How can you make me feel so....

Where are you now where have you gone and left me for another in times past and times to come i can see you in the arms of someone else. I can't hope to change and the dialtone is so damn frightening spend my money like cheap change and realizations of teenage byways. Smoke these photographs with a smile and a goodbye and breath out those words in etheral heartbreak. I can't hope to know you but you'll never show the true colors that spare the sparkle and are vibrant in shadow. Like a black and white vision you're breaking me. YOu fucking kill me. It hurts knowing that to all of you my silent heartbreak is just another kind of beautiful because its ruining my everything and addiction was a white sating shirt she wore the first day and that last day. Such coincidence is a falling out between best friends and my words can't hide me from your....

So scream at this train wreck in hopes of bringing the past to life and who's the analogy directed at today. Wipe the mascara away to show the scars to everyone and pretend it was genuine. You're such a fucking liar and i'm a sucker for anyone who'll tell me what i want to hear...

So sweet suicide smiles serenely as you deny the knife and repel of this wall of water and stone no rope.... only the noose you drew on the offchance that someone would care.

Fuck you these words were never supposed to be yours

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