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One more time
10:42 p.m. 2004-08-14

In prospective sleep we crumble our dreams to powder inhaled through the nose to believe in our fantasy and recreate slumbering illusions in broad daylight. In savoring the naivety of youth we are reborn in countless insignificant moments and fleeting brilliance is the taste of a time when joy seemed so permanent. We remember happiness, when its gone we can almost see it drifting through the lives of the ones we love to hate. But we are incapable of imagining again and again the shivering shame of severance as we are crushed by depression. Our memories cannot contain pain and so in its absense we forget endlessly. A survival mechanism that blasts at the machines invading, lurking beneath the reckoning surface betrayal grinds at our nerves. Twisted ever lasting hopefall trigger blade insanity at the push of a button we are slaves to the wounds and slaves to our own forgetfulness. In sleep we dream of pain and a world without it and nothing felt so sure as the day i woke up to the blood in my eyes. Drive these poles knee deep in my sockets, take away sight with the removal of these ocular implants. Leave me blind to the world of men and i will show you the world as it was meant to be seen. Maim me to see the truth of the words written on the walls by the mad. WIth this hint of arrogance a flame is born and a death is the end of the line when you can't see the walls glistening with blood and crystal. Sip your bitter wine in triumph for we are the dead.

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