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Wired short table
11:28 p.m. 2004-08-09

shaking creationism and excess thought create this vortex of doubt that rends us apart. Rendering near all conscious thoughts of debilitating weakness we shatter our knees and lie in the winds that changeur souls in flicks and kisses. What was it like to recreate the whole situation in porcelain acidic bitterness fragile as your tears and twice as lasting. When will you see the faithlessness that roots our selfish nature in vagaries and disturbing noises that dominate thes night time strolls. In doubt i sign these letters to you and every word is from the heart and no one but you can make me feel this guilty. It only matters when you mean it and thes things are all so important when you sit back and relax to the revision of your own personal history. As transparent as these crystal spires your soul never seemed so beautiful and hers was never so black and ridden with the paralysis of selfish desires and forgotten whims. Remember when we used to smile on those days before we fell apart. Sing this song with your eyes closed tight because upon waking we come to see the inconsistancy of who we were pretending to be and every single thought is a betrayal when you make me hurt this way. Bullet shard reincarnation of my past heartbreaks in every instance they took it for granted and took more than i could give. And this is the substantial evidence proving my impossibility. As for you how can you look at me this way when you know every sundered dream and withered lust. WHen you know that i'd rather die than become who i am how can you care? Its a strategy involving communication and the prevention of smiles. These crokked buildings speak the world to me and its a state that society is in that makes me burn this way. Could you stand to recognize that who i am is someone that can't have the things we've always wanted. Fuck you for being the way you were and for refusing to blur the lines into transparency. (forget me, its that simple)

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