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Planetside New Jersey
10:03 p.m. 2004-08-07

When you read these words could you become the person i've been looking for for so long. Could you be my dream... and all i ever wanted was for you to read these words and see me for who i was and understand. I just want you to feel me, my whimsies, my pain, i want you to see me, my smiles and every etched biography on my skin. I want you to know me... is that so much to ask?

(your life seems perfect, so stop complaining sweetie)

Sinuous incendiary slavery to this feeling that tugs away through nightime and twilight dreams of diamond eyes. Crippled i lay on the table recognition a blurry infatuation lurking behind the eyes that i always wished were blue. Catharsis lurks beneath the water and surreal experiences triangulate this flame to center on your nerves. Pavement creates a frienship out of illusionary footsteps and we'll all create our own world in the end. Where is my end, in eyes that tell me all the stories in the world or a sleepy scratch that seemed so insignificant but bled me dry. When will someone just fucking understand...

Its an annual event and its cycling faster now and these sirens always set my nerves on edge (can't i just find some place to hide away)

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