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lets fire it up
10:22 p.m. 2004-08-06

so we lost who we were and what did we have to say except that one mistake can travel through ages and rip apart your future. Sweet josephine will you follow me follow me right now. Will i ever wake up and find you in my home. Its a bleak sky revelation. You never meant to become the figure of fact and fiction that sticks to the end like someone's worst nightmare. Sonic communication turns these walls into transformative dust that we're all made up of and metaphysics were all lying dormant somewhere in the skylines. Reverberations echo through this construct and a consequence inundates us in the memories burned into the back end of retinas that can't remember. Sweet josephine i will take your innocence. I will take you. I woke up and i had something to say but we've all broken down into tired gray morning skies and a mentality that boils down to nothing except disenginuity. In essence, all of this is just a wisp of air or the whisper of her voice until you sit down and see the colors. Its all about becoming who you are and does anyone ever wonder why i write this way

i'll miss you

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