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single question answer paradox
1:33 a.m. 2004-08-06

And this explosion of sawdust manufactures prisms of lights and shadow, the embodiment of a lifetime of wasted intellectualism. Forfeit this bounty on rocky soil where souls were won and lost, bandied about like cigarettes and excessive tunnel vision. These purple fields can't heal the experience that ruins our lives as we ravage these plains and avenge the dead we murdered. Its a never ending cycle of human truth and inevitability and how can it be that this sixteen year old is so stupid... through creation theories we are reborn mind and soul as we recreate the whimsies that divide us and make us whole. Devoid of cheap feelings on the greater plan is at stake here and none of the little things matter and you never understood that the ink on the map doesn't matter, its the shape of the lines and what it means. Sprinkle this idle inspiration lightly over your life a health dose to laugh and shame ourselves over. Its another night in paradise as i lay in my bed and tell myself lies and sing stories to the world that is sleeping all around me. Smiling insomnia regains the wreckage it had lost to a sense of fulfillment and purpose that somehow grew wings and flew away

a care lie and the twist of a single adjective can rewrite this scape that defines who we are and these mountain tops are the dishonesties you've piled up over the years

Can't any of you fucking understand what i'm saying?

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