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go for it
11:28 p.m. 2004-07-29

so you sailed away across an ankle deep sea of blue pen caligraphy. Like time on your hands just waiting to flood away this nosebleed ties my hands and burns my heart to fragmented pieces of a charred letter you wrote me when you fell in love. Wait now don't you see that we can't build this construct without a writ of trust and the perfume of your freshly washed (red) hair. but we wasted out lives inside of this hourglass and mistrust steals the sleep from behind my eyes and leaves me wandering in the nighttime quiet of insomnia and postdream revelry. Show me your insides and i'll remember to forget forever

It was the first night in a long time that sweet slumber tugged at the strings you tattooed across my eyes (how do you all imagine me when you read these words) i am nothing beautiful special or unusual. in fact you probably wouldn't guess it to look at me

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