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like black on white diagonals
2:42 a.m. 2004-07-28

You never understood, neither did i though, not until now anyway. Its a simple taste of living and life and extended metaphors burn away behind the simple pleasures of breathing this air firsthand- and feeling alright. There are no real distinctions, only the perceptions judmental man creates in his own head. And the things you call stupid i revel in and i laugh so loudly because stupid or no they make me happy and in these short moments that we are in existence that matters more than anything. If i smoke and i smile then i love it, cancer be damed. If i love the taste of that liquor and the way it burns down my throat, who's to say that its bad, after all i'm smiling aren't i? Its fucking about living people, there should be no rules because love is a base emotion, it takes more to hate than to enjoy and so just.... stop trying so hard. We were born innocent and its this world that bites at out heels as we chase stars through the sky dodging clouds and eclipses. This is who i am in my literacy and inadequacy and its undeniable that i am nothing to brag about but its so easy to be content when everything is this perfect shade of blue and gray and green. So fuck all of the kids wasting their lives with impoverished self perception i am who i am and i'll probably burn out bright and young but life tastes so sweet so smile

fuck you smile!

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