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triangular disorders of pairs
12:41 a.m. 2004-07-26

So we forgot who we used to be and this screen plotted to ruin us in harmony. Nonsensical extensions of who i am in my insomnia these words are my most important appendages and i draw breath through these syllables. I was lost but these pianos ringing brought me home and a man's voice spoke of empty promises that were promising to ruin us in extacy. Can you see me behind this blasphemous curtain? Never mind. It wasn't always like this you know someday you'll see i promise. LIke a snowfall in midsummer i wasn't meant to be. BUt i'll melt faster than icecream on asphalt in this ninty degree heat and what will be left of me, no sweet memories. This weather brings to mind carnivals and pretty girls in bathing suits on beachs, forgetting and remembering and caring through their simplicity, living the best that they can. So this one time you decided to create something from you nonexistant point of view and the walls were porcelain and wispy (carbon monoxide craving) like suicide we'll spin in circles meeting justification with foolishness in a beautiful marriage of trials and torment. "and lastly there's dave" and how can i breath with this weight on my shoulders and scars on my arms that are as crooked as my twisted soul. THere's beauty in defeat they say and to me there's nothing as gorgeous as the ring of destruction in the letter you sent me saying goodbye. (SOmetimes this isn't about girls we loved and lost) sometimes you can't help but smile and today i bought a pack of menthol kools, just cuz i can and i'm alive, aren't i? SO i laughed about it and you never knew so i grew used to the sensation of neglect and you never noticed. ANd we tore apart these sheets to make way for a new beginning to the glass piece masterpiece and matchbook romances never lasted long and like this flame i'm fading into your neverending complacency

So you shot me down (bang bang) fuck you all there's nothing wrong with anything about these sensations that are so conflicting and when you sound like this, get back to me.

I've been gone for so long and it never tasted sweeter to remember who i was

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