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tried and tru
10:25 p.m. 2004-07-10

Burnt out life and i'm just a shell of a man. Alone in alley's at midnight this halo of dirty light illuminates the sin within. This smoke, these blades, a prelude to the tears and this lifewrenching disaster. (i used to sit at my desk in the dark with a candle and pour out my descriptions of who i was onto paper and loathing would build upon loathing and sometimes, it felt like i almost had the courage to...) Every lie you thought was just a facade was so true it bled through these black collars and this makeup, a crimson pool written letters to a god who drove angels out of heaven and lent this boy to the candle.

A boy with greasy hair alone and transparent can you see the rain in his eyes and the heartbreak in every move he makes?

THis is me being whiny

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