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Like a cry in the woods she said
8:31 p.m. 2004-06-30

rampant words and the freshborn taste of disaster and desire screaming through glass dreams and red paper windows. its time to stop hiding these stories these scars and addictions. Its time to stop hiding inside ourselves and bleeding ourselves dry through contempt. Like the violet of your eyes and the time on the clock these clouds were nothing more but background and flashes of perdition and anguish beneath golden hues of sunset. Your time and again wishes spoken in silence in lonely mornings as you lay in bed after another endless night. Like bleeding arms and this golden hair reflected in amber eyes i'd stand on the mountains you're so determined to crush and wash myself away in this introspective shoreline. I would paint these skies a different shade of blue and pink and i would color your world with the sound of a voice you'd never heard before. And who am i without these trepidations and slashed pictureframes. Like a polaroid on the wall you glare at me and i'd forgotten. The scent of autumn and october nocturnes played just for you and i'd never be the inspiration for something of that sort. Your cliches may have been heard before but nothing changes the longing to hear those words my way. I could change your whole world, i could make every sound new, every color vibrant, i could fill you with longing and life and i could make you smile. Maybe. Just for a chance to kill you. "your wounds are opening wide and they might be just my size" Just a last chance to burn away these eyes and cross out any chance for a sunrise sunset romance. And like these words streaming from his heart and bleeding into mine you know you shoudln't bother. There's no taste of perfection on these lips, no love in this smile. And these brown eyes look dead and disillusioned. Oh to be beautiful and have them cry out... oh to be this creature i've driven myself into, smoke and mirrors and fear and the offchance that this next car will kill my everything.

So we scream at each other looking for salvation at the hands of those we've crucified and our penance is to forever die and you'll know my voice by the sound of the tears i've hidden for so long. -scream at me and know every word is cutting me so deep-

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