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So i'm out
6:02 p.m. 2004-06-28

Your words were inspiration for everything...

And what if you were wrong and all your faith was misplaced and when you died there was nothing? No god no goddess no hereafter and you were left alone with yourself on words of nighttime and poetry. Who would you be then when your timeline eternal simply stopped. And how would it feel to know that i was laughing at you and that you wasted your whole life? And you, you are so pitiful. Your kind, blaming the bad on humanity or greater lessons to be learned but all things amazing are beyond our creation or grasp. What kind of life can you live? Strive to be something your own bible decrees impossible. Sinner. We are humanity and we are our own gods and i am.

What if we are infinite? What if we can't stop ourselves and our blood will flow forever in essence and exctasy?

"what if there is a god and i'm really in trouble" alexisonfire

God would understand my love of everyone around me more than my love of something i can't understand.

And you... fuck you for thinking you could ruin me. I'll ruin myself thank you. Everyone should have this right because its beautiful

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