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5:50 p.m. 2004-06-28

Sing something for me, sing me songs that tell me about summertime and true love that blossoms in the wind and warmth of a beach somewhere perfect. Sing to me about life. About feeling alive and being a part of this sky. Sing me stories about lives and travesties. Sing me anything. Anything. So long as its beautiful.

there were three times. The first time we chose to learn and be taught something of who we could be. The second time we chose to let them wreck us in perfect harmony and sinuous sync. And today we'll look at these trees sighing and it'll be that third time. Fire on. Who we are was the choice we make and this flower blossoms especially for you all these colors were meant to mean something to you.

Sing me a song that tells the story of a girl who smiled throug a storm. Sing to me about loves lost and how every hit makes us stronger and how our eyes are stars. Sing me a song of radiance and truth in lies and mix these harmonies like deceit so simply. Sing to me about death and what it means for the dying and those left behind. Sing me anything. Anything. As long as it means something

"heavens not a place that you go when you die its that moment in life when you actually feel alive so live for the moment and take this advice, live by every word, love is just a hoax so forget everything that you have heard and live for the moment now" the spill canvas- the tide.---- there were three voices. And the first time you listened a whole world was opened up and the sky bled revelation and sugar. you became a life. The second time those voices whispered you sat and stared at walls while you gave up hope and despair sang sweet songs outside your windowsill. And in the timbre of my voice these voices sigh to you and who will you be when you listen?

Sing because you're alive, because you're beautiful or ugly or happy or suicidal or amazed or jaded. Sing because we have voices and because the sky above us means everything reflected in calm waters. Sing because I'll listen.

you never proved your eloquence in that schoolyard and you never showed off your vibrancy in these hallways. You were withdrawn and quiet and not a single one of us knew who you were while you wasted away. (wasted years) But then they saw you and i loved you and life became... living

for the first time you opened your eyes.. (aren't these colors beautiful)

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