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Like a load off my shoulders
10:25 p.m. 2004-06-26

Its in this change of heart and the sight of clouds looking below could rend hearts and inspire worship (when every shadow is a perfect lake how could you be sad) mutilate this skin and speak the soul across these icecaps and we never had a reason.

We burn our letters and your words will slice across this perfect blue sky (its so fucking blue)

"to understand that we all have a flaw"

you were born to understand these things that you refuse to look at and straight past midnight there is a sense of clarity and a rapture waiting to enfold you in brilliance and beauty

"that fails to represent your life as you know it"

And once again i am who i was meant to be sitting behind this silver screen with beauty surrounding me in the quite shattering of silence (pain is only up close if you just stop feeling it you might be able to use the very things that make us up) can't you see that this is all we ever needed to be together in the night and under the stars not very much is just enough to see us through (time consumer time consume me)

Any release relieves us and makes us human flaws and all we break and in destruction are reborn (this pheonix rising) has nothing on us. We are children born to a world of cold saphire apprehension and razor edge excitement and if you relieved it any different you wouldn't be you (trees branching every choice a central part of who you are)

Sweet josephine

Pitchblack romances that mean everything in between lines of poetry whispered softly as the fire rages (purify this city) "lets fire it up haha"

Its Coheed and Cambria again and this layout is perfect


I fucking love all of this

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