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Tell everyone
5:54 p.m. 2004-06-17

Reveling in this union we tear our hair out and leave ourselves naked to the world and the wounds she would inflict (so tenderly) I lay me down on this bed of glass and blood tonight in resignation and despair (not with a bang but with a whimper) i go out for the last time maybe, a light in the night that fades without a smile or a tear and no one notices, no perfect beautiful eyes are there to watch me disappear as i collapse (across time and space we're lost). As far down as this will go bury the steel inside the flesh and find rebirth in redeeming ignorance and if i never saw any of you again would you wonder? (living in a painted room without windows or regrets)... this is impossible. Just shut your mouth and thread this needle through my lips and i'll never bother you again... close these eyes and inside a candle burns bright with faith that tastes so bitter. Wax figures and dreams that melt against the flame and become nothing (so shapeless)

"tell everyone i'm numb"... cuz i'm so tired of burning away this way and finding nothing to make it go away except the taste of things forbidden

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