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8:18 p.m. 2004-06-17

Its the taste of blood on your lips and the sigh of water through your veins as you crumble and fall because you are so. fucking. weak. This sky is ashen and acidic, the yellow clouds and yellow houses are all worn away against the rage of a boy conducting sky scraper disasters from a bedroom window where no one will see. You were so pretty and so fucking stupid when you looked at me with those eyes and your words bled honesty and ignorance and right now i'm so fucking sick of all this SHIT you revel in so endlessly. Its time to grow up you stupid blind young PRICK and this doesn't make me sound any better than you but shut the fuck up already. Be CAPABLE of something, make something beauty, these words are ringing on deaf ears and where you could be creating beauty you're building steel walls and wooden excuses because you don't fucking care about anything except your own drama. You need someone to be honest with you and tell you that sometimes love is fucking mutual and if you were thinking that all you needed was a prince then you should realize that love isn't about princes and damsels and all that STUPID shit you read about and dream about when you close your eyes at night. Love isn't about you relying on him, its about relying on each other and this can't work out anymore. You are so fucking tired and everything you say is oozing of street trash blowing in the wind and the stench of a midnight murder. SUicide would be better than this endless cycle of self pity and helplessness. Make your pain something beautiful if you're going to be so fucking sad all the time. Because blood drifting among clouds in a starry sky is something masterfull, but a body in a gutter is something to shun and which will you become? better yet stop all of this and make something of yourself because... god dammit everyone can be beautiful if they let themselves (i'll never let that happen)

its not about you its about them and everything in between these shouted words that no one will ever hear

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