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I'm so cold and sick of being twisted
9:19 p.m. 2004-06-12

Its a prophecy redundant through time and our hearts. trace these blades across my arms, drawing the answer to the question that i'll never answer "what's wrong"

every faces is dismissable because... none of you were willing and the time was too short or took too long or something, i was never sure "i just wanted to make you happy." Take these faithless arms and burn them awa with any chance for hope or callused redemption throughout forever (i'm the boy who stands on the edge of the crowd doused in smoke and dishonesty) you can taste it and you turn away. its true i wanted you to hate me, so we could prove to ourselves i was right and no one pushes hard enough (thank you so much) alone in oblivion wrap these dark blankets around me and leave me to my...

deep inside crimson and pink these idle dreams that you'll never see (like soft music and waves on beaches at sunset)

"liar liar liar liar"

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