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And i woke to the sound of her crying
10:30 p.m. 2004-06-10

This is the taste of the night on our lips and this acrid taste burns away at my lungs and my memories of times when things were bearable. Every glance in this morning time twilight is a reminder of the taste of the blood on our hearts and i just need someone to make me feel better

When the lights are all out we close our eyes and dream through imagining; we dream of a better time, of times we lost behind a curtain of whimsy and hourglass catastrophe. Our stomachs turn and churn, like yours did next to me, at the thought of this pain and the things we'll never have. Its staggering what it takes to keep on smiling when every time i open my eyes there's a tear there, frozen over like the damned in the river below hell.

For all your cleverness and experience, when you look at me do u know that i'm suicidal? I don't think you do

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