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Either or will do
7:09 p.m. 2004-06-09

Who would you see if yshe painted you that picture of who i was supposed to be? Dark alleys and streetlamps' haze this smoke tracing spiderwebs through false light and greasy hair. Last boys first back forward smell of leather and cigarrettes and eyes dead from crying. Walking away in my own shadow i would fade away from everything you held dear. (like stepping from this dirty halo of light i'll cease to exist)

Will these eyes ever reflect the true lack of sanity?

We're all sitting here in the dark around a fire of hearsay and triviality (the beauty of being second best) in the dark hours of night our words ramble on and we are silent through our screams as you hear this cracking voice echo your every spent emotion. (is it frightening for them to know you so well) We're just waiting to hear your story and feed off of it till there's nothing left by stains on this pristine wall of glass lies.

What would u give over to me in this distorted and blurry ring of light in this fucked up world of darkness. (am i eloquent or insane)

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