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11:10 p.m. 2004-06-04

Part of what makes life worth living, this collection of surreal moments.

This street is wide and bare and pale in the eternal bleeding light of the streetlights on either side. Buildings loom bathed in silken shadow (cliche) and the stars seem timid and unreal in a deep blue sky painted by clouds. the air streaming through this window tastes of promises and the confusion of so many sleeping, you can smell the dreams in the air. inside this car the smell of cigarettes and sweat mix to something perfect and the man driving, my father, seems so far away. A new song, something never concieved of in this heart, floats through the air and blends so perfectly with the silence that seems to dance through this night. I am exhausted and exhilirated and this music seems somehow supernatural.

This world is teeming with the insanity brought on by darkness in the city. Glaring lights and roaring exhaust rend apart the starry sky and the peace inside we hide from everyone. Blow it all away as we feel the muscles scream their protest and and the joy of use. Winds kiss our skin and caress our face like lovers and everything is quietly perfect behind headphones streaming joy to your soul. Hurtle downhill, the excitement of being on the brink of disaster never tasted so sweet. Let it take you away.

What would you trade for a moment of perfect bliss and ignorance in the midst of such turmoil?

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