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Like she said
7:55 p.m. 2004-05-24

Everything inside is reverberation and dust glowing in the whispers of a dawn that died at the expense of rationale. Every heart is broken and these feelings are smeared across the walls of our own courage and selfconfidence that was as subtle and strong as this teardrop that defines everything. Death rains like black clouds over parades in the afternoon sun and this bulletwhole inertia is leaving a trail of lost thoughts and fragile smiles. Eyes painted on walls.... fingers that weave through lives... smiling girls in glasses and perfume that tear our hearts so innocently through the nighttime of our desire... "but to be in lust" is the most pathetic thing you could ever do and I've decided to give it all to you so you can ruin me... one last time please this is all i have knives that can't understand play such a role in the restructuring of body soul and relationships.... who would you be if you saw... just take these thoughts of you and hide them someplace fucking dark and quiet where i can watch you when i can stand to bleed like this... silver rain a backdrop of gray skies and my hopelessness in words and at the hands of all of those too wrapped up reach out... every time i looked at you you were looking someplace else, anywhere but at me. This could be you trembling in fear but its me faced only with this pain and this, the only way out for miles and miles... last exit. First chance to remember what its like to forget thoughts past eyes and mirrors and projected in the darkest alley's for all to see. This throbbing behind my skull won't stop and he won't stop talking... is this for real this time or just another lost chance for redemption. It seems i've plunged back in so deeply that the surface, so ethereal and golden, is nauseating. Permeat this soul with tired idealisms and faux emo ryhmes. drown me in the doubt i see so clearly but refuse to understand...

This is all my fault

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