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Just a taste
10:06 p.m. 2004-05-13

Writings on walls in daytime and inkpen catastrophes lay bare the coming of this paranoid antichrist emobodied in religion and terrorist messiahs. Like a car crash and a train wreck we drew these masses close to our hearts. Like a sunset eternal my life in eyes of girls with smiling faces and beautiful hair who am i to disrupt this flow of jealousy and sexual innuendo. Amid the debris of stones exploding from the walls stands the one unsure of himself hoping to help never understanding the true nature of things. (your smile seemed so genuine) what would i give to make you smile again... and therein lies the root of problems underneath sighing trees at midday. An ode to razorblade finality this trend continues unabated... who will you be three days from now and how will it feel to know i lost someone with your own rebirth?

When the pen trembles and the paper tears who is to blame for the words that won't ever be written.... is this all my fault?

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