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K is kool
7:40 p.m. 2004-05-12

The true relevancy of spring time snow storms and these glass shards are harmless by virtue of the magic of wintertime preserved forever in faceted snowflakes. My fear of all of you in the audience tumbles like this out of place storm and being on stage is frightening in light of who you are and what i have to say. (this would be easier if i didn't have to see you every day) Regardless there's something somewhat special about this situation and this storm can be nothing if not a good omen. Doesn't it fit so perfectly, that my first appearance should be in dedication to telling them all about you? I know i'm cut out for this but maybe not under this circumstances

Ah well here's a test

just me and my guitar... none of you fucking matter.

and by the way these words mean the same thing regardless of punctuation and capitalization... asthetics always pissed me off

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