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life time
9:51 p.m. 2004-05-10

Somedays we realize and recognize in ourselves that our abstract symbolism is beyong distraction and destruction and we reach out once more to make a connection across this wireweb void. We take these words capable of everything and nothing and lay claim to everything we need

And honestly its becoming to pointless to try to throw out true insight when ignorance is the only coin appreciated by people like you.

Today i was staggered by how easy it was to make them smile, by how little caring it took to awake something inside of them. And i don't think this is some special gift i have, but merely... i can't help but care and i hate seeing them frown. It seems no one has ever talked to you this way simple questions heartfelt... i'm so sorry you've been denied this for so long

This was ur song

Eclectic diatribes of burning and religion intermingle with this harsh reality and perceptions of such. reality is so damn objective your eyes color your world and paint mine black blue and indistinct blurs of indecision. I won't allow your blindness to take me over

i'll throw a parade in your honor

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