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Playwright endeavor
9:05 p.m. 2004-05-09

This stage is set silent spotlight curtain crimson singson isolationism. You have a part to play here in this theatre, faces decorative hide behind your paper mache and facades. The backdrop here is a masterpiece of gutted buildings and racist visions of destructive purges. (this radio blows minds hearts and windows to nothing) In your black robes and painted skin who would dare question the immortality of the thespians? DOn't you understand this is simple arrogance dragging you on througout stages in cities across worlds and every wooden floor is the only thing keeping you breathing. (piano broadcasts allure of heavy metal and glass shattering.. this was the sound of your voice) Can you hear this echo in the telephone at midnight in the dawn of new years and old problems. Tears cover curtains and this whole building is full of the wrecked souls devoured by a need for something more

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