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Everyday i'm getting smaller
9:10 p.m. 2004-05-08

Be still my heart... we can't stand these lungs that draw breath so unintentionally (its all subliminal anyway) like my love for you and the hearts we ruined across cracked pavement surrealities and your words were my own repressed and recircumvented (if the circumstances were different would we be the same) and on division street this is serious this is serious (i'm never seroius enough to understand the difference) so you promised so you promised you promised... i never meant for you to keep these hearts in porcelain on stairways and behind crystal divisions and this delay ehoes through the woodwork and touches souls like i never touched anyone what do i mean to you to me and why would you call me a liar? so there was punctuation once who gives a fuck i have a point here somewhere if you tried to escape this who would you become and what would reality create out of the past you blew away this candle is so feeble but its all we have to keep our lives in check (get up again keep repeating) i'm repeating sprinkle your world black white and there is nothing left to express everything we are and and... i can't remember what you said that time when we meant everything to everyone on the grass eyes up legs beneath and above this was love on a summers day i remember you smile and the sun and every cloud that never was (what would you trade to spend a day with me beneath this sky) this reception hovers midway between. what were we trying to say when you went away for the last time/

For what its worth i miss you

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