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8:38 p.m. 2004-04-30

Solidary tear drops on secluded highways past skysoars and eyesores. This city is the guts of humanity driven through with eternity past crystal squares and white marble buildings. These glass walls retain refracted memories hidden in densely melting particles and our hearts can only reflect on the things we're unable to absorb. We're all so shallow and selfabsorbed and who was the fool that promised forever when he was drunk because sobriety is so damn boring.

Voices ring out in rooms across space in this house and every word from the heart hurts and you can ignore it all. For days on end we spent curled up in corners strumming these strings and evoking all the pain futility can bring. (writing songs in the absence of coherence these pretty notes echo and you love the simplicity)

Bye bye beautiful....

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