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if they couldn't save them from
6:10 p.m. 2004-03-24

Scar tissue shivers across bared flesh and rent bones. Shattered so perfectly this blood red contraption ageless in its integrity, immortal in its dishonor. Human torches burn in the center of this, hearts held high as we scream in breathless joy/agony. It is the torment of life that makes each day livable and we're victims of our own malintent. Grammatically reprehensible i deny the sins and privileges that come from being my father's son. I would reflect upon my life up to now, were i u, and realize that acceptance breeds nothing but defeat. Childlike sincerity masks inner mischief and its this incomprehensible mix that steals your heart away.

"did somebody take your tongue..."

honesty bleeds and nothing will ever be the same again in light of the decisions we've both made tonight.

"forget me its that simple..."

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