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This is how it goes
9:06 p.m. 2004-03-24

Rail against all creation and this higher power that bestows me only with my ability to suffer. Inhuman perhaps in my tolerance and acceptance of this torment and the way i wrack my mind and soul dry through this hurt, magnified by my own loathing, is utterly wrong. The worst part is, amplification of this device is acheived simply through the realization that none of you want me to hurt, and none of you intend me harm. Yet i bleed on blooming bool of metaphorical red to drown in. Without hope for redemption, without a desire for it, what good am i? Languishing in my own petty hatred and pity i do no one any good and its such a waste of time. I would seclude myself from you if you let me, to spare you all the fucking annoyance of dealing with my inability to change.

it feels so good

The intensity of this just blows me away. I wish that was slightly more literal.

Blow. Me. Away.

Fuck you I don't want your help... something in me can't accept it.

Fire on

Wanna do me a favor?

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