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4:47 p.m. 2004-03-24

"After the fire....

i'll be home to say i love you and i'll be moving on...."

I gave the last line this time forgive this simply wide eyed boy for trying to pull it all together once more. But pain from myself is enough thank you, i don't need your additions. I have my own addictions. So we'll scream away throwing up this distance like barriers to hide our tears and heartache. You had the softest hair and the cruelest voice. But its not worth thinking about anymore it would be best for time if it was never consumed again. "time consumer"

And i woke to the sound of her crying...

We're all born like this i suppose because there is too much blood on these hands for it to be all our fault. Intravenious resolution at the hands of the father he betrayed our confidence and rejected a chance at symbolic redemption. Divine retribution flakes down to nothing as we shake our fists at the sky and scream of the blood we've spilled. God, you have lost us all through your dedication to staying out of the way.

"smiles staged in photographs here until..."

I am the factual realization of past proclamations of omnipotent insecurity. Deity curled up in a corner balling his eyes out. Forgive through forgetfulness i can't remember to hate you can't banish the memories i'd love to forget.

Is it wrong of me to find a racist joke funny? i hope not...

is this a creation of the humble albino or are we as varied here as they all profess to be. The work of the masses contrived to bring down the elitist... crumble these morals and lay waste to the ethics we've all long since abandoned.

"Cuz of you i feel i don't deserve, the life i see in her..."

these fiberglass throbbing screams are the dedication of my existence and as they tremor through my mind my heart withers and we all forget to care

Fuck you

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