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Quantum mechanics and lapdances
9:46 p.m. 2004-03-22

In a sudden unrestrained moment all this bleeds for after so much effort spent holding ourselves back. We are all made of stars and the lights are burning out. Juggle sincerity with the need to hold yourself aloof and all these balls will fall down to burn you. If you had one night left what would you declare its easier to tell the truth than to hide and most of us hate doing anything hard.


twenty thousand peopel gathered together packing that stadium to get lost for a little while. Yet we're all so seperate i can't feel you there without my eyes i'd be blind to your presence. Perhaps if i couldn't see you i could truely come to know you.

cross out the eyes...

Who are we to place so much value upon this? Treasured above all else we'll sacrifice the good of ourselves to achieve mere moments of this. Pleasure is nothing in comparison. God willing we'll all have this when we die but not from Him for he can't emulate the look in their eyes as the words are spoken.

forgiven yes, repentant, never

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