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Use me holly come on
8:37 p.m. 2004-03-20

Crystalline city reigned over by emotional tyranny the people wander through
Life as it always was
The perfect lines of perfect architecture
The seedy glow of your neon advertisment
See it for what it is now pristine and stable
For all the lives it steals

Visions of future events imbedded firmly between cornea and eyelid
Imprint of prophecy on the current state of things
I see
These buildings all broken down stained with flames from souls intolerable
Streets crowded with the stench of bodies
This blood flows like the river
With a breath this will begin
Silent are these ruined streets
Skyscrapers metaphors for relationships and every dead body a tear i shed for you
In the light of what you see happening
Do you see?

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