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In your last hour stand
12:03 a.m. 2004-03-19

Slipstorm and tired whirlwinds of songs shred seemingly innocent bystanders apart from self apart from others we hid in the nightstand under the table. Paris is on fire and we're burning away we who thought we could control this conflagaration. These flames that lick us are equal parts inadequacy arrogance and delusion all from the heart of a girl. Tongues aflame we scream caressed by molten lovers we dare not embrace to hunger any more for this would beg enactment in a tone impossible to resist. suicide like a siren's call ringing gently on the wind, you resist now but time wears so heavily upon the young. Our own invincible posturing signals our impending destruction as we ride our rainbows... into oblivion. Tribute tones and nothing more i find it hard to believe you'd waste your time on this. These penwritten words were not meant for you do i know you are you listening to me for any reason other than boredom? Written in the blood of the callous these words are for me alone tis a gift to you that they are shared thoughts and not so concealed. And yet how many of you understand the words flowing stark naked through your eyelids? do you dismiss this simply as trickery as a melding of letters appealing to the eye when colored pink? Is this a triviality to you? Meaning lurks. Things' fear i froze these regrets and keep them in myfreezer for you. I can sing an octave over and an octave above but the only true beauty is hearing them both at the same time. Lies mixed so stunningly with truth to create the ultimate persuasion who amongst you hasn't fallen for me? I hate the attraction brought on by whatever curse declares me its own i would send you all screaming if only i knew how to reveal my true colors.

"I think i should start doing aerobics and the rest...."

Message on a post it on the wall waiting for you to say goodbye

I'm thinking of taking his lead and being one of those imitators. Sounds fun neh?

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