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4:08 p.m. 2004-03-13

Draw a map that leads the way to your breaking point highlighted so artisticially. Crawl back to your idiotbox and foreit your claim on meaningful existence. i would kill you all without a second thought, praying that god would judge me harshly. raindrops curry favor and wash away the transgressions of the pure impeach god and see what defense he has.

Righteous anger fades to paintpretty crimson in the pink[golden] death of the sun overhead. eternity stretchs its glossy wings and covers us all in maternity. The sinners and saints bow their heads in condemnation and redemption everyone lost and through loss, saved. lost child flower innocence through ignorance and raindrops falling all the while. The story of your life played out to the tempo of tears sweetly praying to your mother's long lost sincerity. eyes like a target stap sticky amber brown enraptured encasing this whole world with a single look. Sugar sweet paralyzation at the hands of temptation we are the lost and through our sin we are glorified and placed on high. We are not expected to achieve perfection rather we are designed to accept with contempt the impossibility of retaining flawlessness past birth. Through acknowlegement of our own frailty we are as gods. (burn the crosses)

celestial bodies overhead come crashing down raining starshapes.

Forget the engendered response as quickly as it came. We are all...

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