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Desolation: critical
8:53 p.m. 2004-03-12

Times like these are intolerable. Undeserving the moniker that was bestowed i would trade it all for... for what? Ender take away the world and i will be alone with senseless sensation and unhindered regret.

Every breath we take we fall apart as we bathe ourselves in our own heart's blood and the times we failed to make a difference. Imprints on the sand we would all trade it all for the simple chance to start over without all the previous defects. Store bought productivity erases the senses we all accomadate inside these tiny shelled souls regret and repent your entire life erase it all and we'd be happier without the baggage we carry onboard. Roger capitain prepare for take off the engine's dead and we're flying away.

Melodic therapy run away from responsibility once again.

Worldly needs are pulling me under

"a slow decent..."

Inspiration: minimal

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