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I overheard
7:47 p.m. 2004-03-05

Dark transitory scripts play out on the black and white screen. Snapshots of posterity futuristic glimpses of death at the hands of... What would it take for you to be the first star shining outside my window, what would it take to make you believe you don't need a thing. Mislead me a little longer I'm caught up in this game. Besides i have nothing else to do follow along each step steady as the clock. The pendulam won't stop for me this time and i'll burn away to someplace where time doesn't matter and lost friends are forever. (on the backend of forever i wish i would never...) mock the times I had faith in this... the haze from the moon overhead is dulling the colors of your eyes and the intoxicating pain of potential loss is dazzling. Take me away from this so i can wish again. Consolidate your fortress and spirit me inside to drive us both insane. (I cried for you when you...)

If this doesn't get as much attention for a while its simply because i have another project.

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