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Second stage
8:19 p.m. 2004-03-05

Multiple betrayals and i have no where left to turn i want to give myself over to the belief that this is all just one big lie and slip into the comfort of the misunderstood and reject the persuasion of wounds assauged. Bleed me dry so many knives at once slicing so tenderly leave this body with nothing but a soul and no reason or way to carry on each time he falls apart.

with perfect timing and equal grace you tore away my defenses and kissed away any hope for redemption. Better things to do? I can accept that if you can.

Empty house burning heart faith circles as the soul lies empty unfettered by all the things you used to hold dear. Paradoxically i can't break away from everything that's hurting me and honestly i don't want to. A little more each night push the envelope a little deeper. I guess i don't need anything else from you so go away, i can't save you this time and you never helped me in the first place. So just... take a step back and realize that this will hurt less if we didn't have anything to do with each other.

On another note... tonight i wish i'd never met u wish you weren't a memory i held onto. Because i don't fucking need you i don't want to link my emotions to the way you treat me. I don't need that anymore, we'll never be the same again so goodbye in a way.

One thing left to hold onto

I'll justify myself to you again

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