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Bleed me dry
7:39 p.m. 2004-03-03

An endless routine less varied than the look on your face when i tell you i hate you. Nothing changes here smiles and lies and sunshine lullabies no more revelations and nothing new in the mirror. Life is... we have nothing to live for here except a promise of the future, a future we're powerless to affect. With nothing to do but wait the words fade away echoes of past conversations and drunken promises. Your hair my fingertips the times we held each other, didn't get us anything, didn't buy us anything except memories of the way you looked. Everything is at a standstill, I won't take a single step until you're around to watch it.

Expectant pregnancy of mental delusions. Pretend everythings unshakeable pretend you are eternal. Forging signatures that declare your transgressions and sins. Clutch those letters to your breast and feel them burn. Wash away my words like the teenage poetry they are read this page and then go out and live your life. Its a trick if you expect them to have some significance on the world around you. One thing you've taught me is that nothing i say can take the place of the things they do to you.

Every day you're a little less real and the blood is a little closer to the surface. Pinpricks taste like rain falling falling falling down. Ignorance through acceptance the fate of humanity rests in the falling rain. Bring me your broken hearts tattered dream and splintered faith. Trade ins for confidence i'll take your worries and be on my way. Leave you smiling.

Maybe i'm so right or maybe i'm just bitter. Either way these insights are paper thin and losing popularity.

"Its a shame youre worth the wait..."

"I'm defecting"

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