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Hellol heart break i'll be...
5:29 p.m. 2004-03-02

The contemplation of grisly murders and ex suicides reuniting under the banner of mutual loathing and ominous looks. "I had a premonition on that box sweetheart. The dark premonition which has bore itself out..."..."my dearest apollo I'll be burning star 4"

Black eyes and tired faces these bruised knuckles are just for you. Tell me that you love me and leave me black and blue. Foreign promises sweetheart broken just for you. Pretend you never meant a thing, these boxes are lies i shared with you. Move on.

"I didn't really think about the consequences..." Yeah well fuck you don't whine now telling me everything is meant to be something different than it is. You caused this ripped that heart right out for instant gratification. Now you're hurting realizing what you are without what you were given. Nothing left but tears and shadows of smiles, and this is all your fault.

I'll sleep on couches in the living room stay a while until your ready for me to leave. Kiss your fears away i'll make you breath again. I have nothing to offer in exchange for giving me a place in your house or in your heart but i'll give you these words and hope they help your soul to see its on infinite beauty. When you're all better kick me out into the cold this is where i belong anyway. No more borrowed time on porches or in doorways, no more walking you home and not being able to say goodbye. None of that give me the boot and let it be known that i'm not wanted here anymore.

I'll be the street person with a smile that makes you wonder what the hell you're living for anyway

Fuck you i'm out

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