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Wanting to tell you anything
8:29 p.m. 2004-02-29

I see nothing here. Blackness shadows and cobwebbed regrets. tired hopes with cracks running through the center. Tears on the ground, everyone's tears, so many of them. Each echoing sound is an obsession. Everyone cries except me. Your tears are my preoccupation, mine are just a sidenote. Stack of papers strewn about, bleach ridden words, letters to all of you. Broken record player single song stuck on repeat and broken records everywhere. its cold in this tiny room, the fire has gone out and the windows are broken. Save a seat for me on that broken couch will you?

i'm sorry ok, so fucking sorry. You don't understand and that's ok. Or... maybe you do, maybe more of you understand than i'll ever know because its been written so many times by so many of you. But my twisted fucked up yet strangely powerful ego won't allow me to believe that.

Why do you say things like that huh? Why do you make this so difficult? Your words repeating through my head, and behind them echoes that strangled refraid... liar liar liar...

I'm a little bit broken aren't I?

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