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Starstruck and blinded
10:13 p.m. 2004-02-27

Annointed in the blood of the fallen the rejected those who gave themselves up to the guilt of the pure. Repentance for uncommited sins and past depravities fall on the deaf ears of a wooden diety. Paint your face with the colors of the one who won't let themselves forget, embrace what was never real until you created it. The shame of those who are as snow is the sin of the Gods.

"You'll be better off when you get home"

What did they take from you that cold winter's night? How much did they steal that we still can't find reasons for? Callus action and unforseen consequences the creation of life raped by the bitterness of the human condition. Take back your arrogance and revel in the naked scars you've kept hidden. Let me lift the weight of the open glances they place upon you, let me show you what its like to be seen, to be understood and to be accepted. Let me give you freedom, at least for a while.

Erase the emotion from the sentence so that no one will worry.

"i will call you out burn your wings..."

Blank eyes and smiling faces this is the reason you woke up this morning, the glorious adoration of those without the concience to defect. Conformity is as conformity does the puppeteer is no better than those on the strings.

What seperates the ignorant from the ones who are overcome by what they see? Is it like you said so long ago, a simple glimpse of something more and after that you can't turn it off? Do you ever think about me? I imagine that if you do i'm nothing but an afterthought, there's so much going for you now. I'm sorry i hold onto the memory of you like i do, but its important to me that i remember. (i've forgotten so much but some things have to be held onto.

"As crazy as it may seem i cried for you when you told me to date all of the things that made you end up in my life."

i would take your pain away if you would place it on my shoulders and turn away before i collapsed. Tonight the future is bleak, the climactic scene distraught and the resolution in a dark wood. I see healed bodies and the redemption of those who were forsaken, but i am not among the saved. My face is there among the others, tired and strained with something missing. The eyes have faded ever so slightly and desperation replaces hope and ragged weariness prevails.

"Run quick they're behind us..."

i wouldn't ever tell you all of what was going on. You've come to expect that of me of course. carousing through weathered photo albums remembering times simpler than these. Look on that wall there, still frames hanging backwards picture to the plaster. Times when life was bearable are intolerable when it hurts to breath...

"Hey lush have fun its the weekend..."

Grinning through the tears listening to yet another song that reminds me of you. I hope your having a good night hope your smiling wish i was there to see it, just for a second. My lonliness will be acceptable as long as you tell me tomorrow that you had a good time

"Forget me its that simple..."

Pain is evident in the taste of your tears... I love you

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