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Sever the limbs off his torso in sleep and burn what remains
9:18 p.m. 2004-02-26

"This comlinks lost its frequency and i feel that we're coming home short..."

Resolutions passed in revolutionary silence before the coming of the sun. "the truth be told the child was born..." and the last chance of rebirth is coming at dawn. Pass it up and you're life will go on the way you thought it would and we'll wind up dead in the ground, victim to the killer. Redemption promises an eternity to relive mistakes and regrets, sign up today.

Contemplation in the twilight watching the sky blaze pink as eternity dies for twelve hours. Deep thoughts triangulate celestial bodies and secure the identity of the messiah. Dieties can't hide behind this, objective reality dispells godgiven illusions and lays the world bare as pinpricks of light in the darkness. Oddly enough, recent studies show that god is the darkness. The sky is golden and the world below is blue and this wind biting so gently is silver and black intangibility. I'm standing here in this psuedo dark psuedo reality, feeling the coldness of my skin and wondering... how would it feel to touch u in this. What would u look like in this divine lighting? What would your alabaster skin feel like, deepened by this darkness and the bite of the cold. What would it be like to hold you now, when i'm feeling tranquil and immortal and untouched by the corruption that this world brings. What would it be like to share this with you?

"Following you cross the interstate walking away... I'll fire on"

Carefully defined facade the walls of this lie are carefully crafted and masterfully inlaid with flashed smiles, bright eyes and the undeniable charm of the self-deprecating. I don't give a fuck what you think of me, but its the simple truth that its easier to be likable than the object of ridicule. SImply beacuse if they like you they'll actually leave you alone, so long as you don't provoke friendship. The oddest thing crossed my mind tonight though, echoes of a conversation from years ago, cobblestone streets and bicycles. Apparently there's something about me, in my demeanor or the particular shade of my eyes perhaps, something about me is charming, endearing... what the fuck is with that.

"my dearest apollo i'll be burning star 4

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