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Let this colony know in the name of the dead we're coming
7:18 p.m. 2004-02-25

Six string heartfelt remedy i'd serenade you all night long. I can feel this beauty circulating, technicolor creativity competeing with blood to try and keep me alive. If i just had someone to lay this down for me, a pulse to give order to this i know i could give you something that would blow you away. If i had the freedom of mind, i could make your heart melt. With the dissolution of the stress eating me i could put this into words so much easier. Someday you'll be standing below me, lost in the crowd, standing out in my eyes. And people will be lost in this, in the simplicit extraterrestrial magic i'll be weaving. (I'm just dreaming)

Speaking of dreams, i've been dreaming a lot lately. Cast and crew i barely remember, do i even remember you? Its almost eerie these scriptless encounters deriding any self assurance i'd been saving for a rainy day.

...At birth given scars along tender heart liberties... They lay dead along the floor, careful not to wake them they're sleeping. In the wake of the morning the dying will discard the wish to live...

Get better soon ok?

Over and out Conneticut

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